Ratas meets with Finnish prime minister on first foreign visit

On his first visit abroad, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Center) stressed the importance of Estonia’s relationship with Finland, and the need that both countries continue to work on bilateral projects. He also thanked his Finnish counterpart, Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, for his personal contribution to the countries’ joint infrastructure projects.


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    Opinion digest: Open Enterprise Estonia’s consultation services and assessments to competition (3)

    Enterprise Estonia handed out advice to companies, and assessed whether or not they should receive public support, without being economically accountable, lawyer Taivo Ruus wrote in a Postimees opinion piece on Monday. This needed to change, and these activities delegated to professionals.

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    Opinion digest: The Reform Party’s new role

    After 17 years in government, Reform needed to find to a new role, and instead of being the manager of the Estonian state become a debater. How the party would get used to its new position, no longer able to dictate the political agenda, remained to be seen, said political scientist Mari-Liis Jakobson in a comment on Vikerraadio on Friday.

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    Andrus Karnau: Minister of Rural Affairs likely to be replaced

    Speaking on Sunday’s Raadio 2 broadcast of "State of the Union," radio show host Andrus Karnau found that the scandal to break out last week involving Martin Repinski’s goat farm was likely to culminate on Monday in his replacement as a minister of the newly-installed Estonian government.



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