Defense Forces to Cooperate With Technical Schools ({{commentsTotal}})

Riho Terras
Riho Terras Source: (ERR)

Estonian Defense Forces Commander in Chief Riho Terras is to sign cooperation agreements with three technical universities today.

The universities are the Tallinn University of Technology, the University of Applied Sciences and the Kehtna School for Economic and Technical Studies, the latter two being institutions of applied higher education.

The agreement aims to increase the number of future Defense Forces members who have a technical background, give students an opportunity to attend practical training in Defense Forces units and further the development of conscripts in the logistics unit, a statement from the Defense Forces said.

The Defense Forces has prior experience working with the Tallinn University of Technology. In the mid-2000s, the university's scientists developed the anti-IED device, Iris, that has been used successfully on foreign missions. The two institutions are currently collaborating on a light armor panels project.