Foreign Ministers Discuss Moving Forward in Estonian-Russian Agreements ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Courtesy of Estonian Foreign Ministry

During their meeting in Leningrad today, the Estonian and Russian foreign ministers, Urmas Paet and Sergei Lavrov, spoke about preparations for signing a new border treaty.

Estonia and Russia are also moving forward with preparations to sign other bilateral agreements, including an agreement for cooperation in emergency situations, a diplomatic property agreement and a higher education agreement. Paet also called for an agreement preventing double taxation and ending Russia's ban on livestock imports.

Paet and Lavrov noted positive developments in bilateral economic relations, as Russia has become Estonia's third biggest trade partner and tourism has picked up.

The foreign ministers also talked about improving cross-border infrastructure. “Ensuring smooth border crossings is necessary for the easy movement of people and goods. We feel it is very important to develop the cross-border infrastructure, including building a new bridge on the Narva River,” Paet said.