Critics Attack 'Rubber is Sexy' Campaign ({{commentsTotal}})

Is there a better way to promote the use of these?
Is there a better way to promote the use of these? Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

An outdoor ad campaign in Tallinn promoting STD awareness and condom use among young adults has turned heads in recent weeks for its direct and unsanitized language. The Consumer Protection Board and a Christian foundation are questioning the campaign's lawfulness.

Slogans paid for by the Institute for Health Development depict comical and awkward sexual dialogue that young partners might encounter, in an effort to promote protected sex and discussion of sex.

But the purpose of other ads is perhaps not immediately clear: “Your penis is slightly crooked, but I still like it, don't be shy!” and “Let's do it another way today - close your eyes, I'll be on top!”

The Consumer Protection Board is analyzing the campaign and a Christian organization called For the Protection of Family and Traditions has submitted a complaint, claiming the campaign violates ad laws and should be shut down, Delfi reported.

A spokeswoman for the campaign, Helen Noormets, said it is aimed at 19 to 24-year-olds, half of whom are not using condoms when having casual sex, Postimees reported. She said such campaigns have been proven as the most effective method of STD prevention across the globe.