Trespassing Moose Calves Returned to Forest ({{commentsTotal}})

The misguided pair
The misguided pair Source: Photo: Rescue Service

The Rescue Service this morning had to tranquilize two moose calves that wandered onto the grounds of a private residence in Tallinn. Both animals have been returned to the forest unharmed.

A call came into the Rescue Service's Järve district at 04:54 saying that the moose had meandered into a residential yard and were unable to find their way out, a statement from the service said.

Rescue workers had to guard the pair until a veterinarian could come to tranquilize them.

The operation to capture the animals was no picnic, however, as around 8:30, both animals jumped over the fence. One loose moose tried to hide on another residential property nearby, but the Rescue Service workers managed to tranquilize it. The other headed further toward the Tondi district and the workers had to direct it onto a residence and block it, tranquilizing it around 9:30.

Moose sightings in Estonia's capital are not uncommon. The last reported case was on June 3 near the Open Air Museum.