Election Fraud Organizer 'Forgets Who He Voted For' ({{commentsTotal}})

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Despite taking partial responsibility for fraud in the Reform Party's internal leadership election in May, the party's former development director for Viljandi County, Ott Kukk, said he does not remember who he voted for.

Kukk, who duly resigned after coming forward last week, said his objective was not to benefit any one candidate but to raise his district's voter participation rate, according to MP Väino Linde, who was speaking on behalf of the party. Hijacking the voting rights of inactive party members, Kukk claimed to vote randomly for a number of different candidates, mostly from Viljandi County.

The Reform Party has said that its internal online voting system is anonymous and therefore does not allow auditors to see which vote went to whom. The decision to throw out MEP Kristiina Ojuland as the suspected culprit was therefore based on anecdotal evidence.

Violations have so far emerged in three counties.

The Reform Party leadership has resisted calls to hold new leadership elections, saying the extent of the violations was too minor to affect the results.