Ligi: Laar's Declaration was Petty ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

Finance minister and board member of the Reform Party Jürgen Ligi has characterized Mart Laar's declaration of Monday as a low blow.

Laar sent an open letter to his IRL party members in which he advised them to mull the idea of leaving the government coalition.

“I choose to believe what Urmas Reinsalu [the chairman of IRL] said, that the Reform Party has moved quickly and adequately. These are the same words Andrus Ansip used when the IRL residency permit scandal was made public during Laar's chairmanship - that they acted quickly and adequately,” Ligi told ETV today.

He said that Reform's leadership election scandal is an internal matter for the party, and it is not a question of whether politics is dirty or if Estonian politics is corrupt.

“What he said was petty. But I attribute Laar's words to his absence and lack of knowledge, and that is excusable,” said Ligi.

Parting shot

Deputy Chairman of IRL, Margus Tsahkna, said that Laar's letter was his manifest to leaving politics.

“Mart's letter is not about whether the coalition should or should not govern, but whether the current coalition is able to make the fundamental decisions that Estonia needs to move forward,” said Tsahkna.

“Mart's thought is that the political situation is flat, that politicians are involved with things that do not help Estonia to develop,” Tsahkna said.

Tsahkna added that he believes the current coalition is still capable of great things.

Laar led both IRL and one of its predecessors, the Pro Patria Union, but is now resigning from Parliament to take up the position of Supervisory Board Chairman at the Bank of Estonia.