Deceased Persons Remain Listed as Party Members Due to Database Error ({{commentsTotal}})

Party paraphernalia
Party paraphernalia Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Unrelated to the Reform Party's recent identity theft scandal, a glitch was discovered last week that resulted in deceased persons remaining registered as members of political parties.

Around 283 individuals who had died since last December were still listed in party ranks until last week on the state's publicly accessible online database, operated by the Center of Registers and Information Systems.

Members of the Center Party and Conservative People's Party accounted for the largest share of the names, but IRL, the Social Democrats, the United Left Party and the Reform Party were also affected.

A spokeswoman for the state IT agency, Heilika Kutsch, told that the system flaw was brought to their attention by the United Left Party.

The mistake has been corrected and a new notification system will be launched within a week.