Fog of Wire: No Answers on Whether Estonia Is Affected by NSA Surveillance ({{commentsTotal}})

Peep Aru
Peep Aru Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The Interior Ministry's under secretary for security, Erkki Koort, said there was no way of knowing whether intelligence that has been handed to Estonian authorities by the US was obtained through the PRISM program and whether it was collected through legal or illegal means.

"Estonia has requested information on its residents from foreign countries and foreign countries have requested information from Estonia. The question is how the information was obtained and on what grounds it was collected and exchanged," Koort told ETV.

"I don't have information that the constitutional rights of Estonians have been violated," Koort said.

Peep Aru, the head of Parliament's committee on monitoring the work of security agencies, said the committee has no information that Estonia is connected to the US surveillance program.

In recent days, international media have focused on the leaks of the US National Security Agency's sweeping efforts to collect data on how, when and where people use online communications. The Estonian Internet Community expressed concern that the US has violated the rights of citizens in other countries, including Estonia.

Henrik Roonemaa, a technology journalist, told the station: "If you run a search through Google's server or put a photo on Facebook or you send an e-mail to your friend next door, then in reality you don't know where it is going. It's not going straight from your house to his house. It's going through Sweden and maybe from there to America and looping around back through Germany and Sweden again."