Tartu March Held to Promote Teaching Profession ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

The Pedagogicum of the University of Tartu organized a march through Tartu yesterday aimed at increasing the number of people who enter the teaching profession.

The head of the pedagogicum, Margus Pedaste, told ETV that interest towards teaching has not increased in the last few years, a fact that his organization is hoping to change with such events.

"We thought we have to try new things. We’ve created new curricula - it is more attractive, interesting and will certainly give a better education. Now we thought we have to introduce these in a new way," Pedaste said.

The march passed university buildings where teachers are being trained, while organizers spoke of the more practical approach in teaching studies that will be used from next fall. According to them, the studies should be now more comprehensive and employ an increased number of seminars.

The Pedagogicum of the University of Tartu is a consortium for developing educational research and research-based teacher education in Estonia.