1,200 Swedes Shipped in for Flash Song Festival ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

Yesterday, a cruise ship carrying 1,200 Swedish tourists docked at Saaremaa to perform at a songfest in Kuressaare. Before you could say "Ösel," they were gone.

ETV reported that the choir practiced for an hour upon reaching Kuressaare and then performed a free concert for the locals.

The choir's director, Gabriel Forss, was asked why Saaremaa was chosen as the location.

“First of all I think it's because this a beautiful island; there is a lot of people who have waited a long time to come and visit Ösel. Like you in Estonia, we have a very strong singing tradition. People love to sing. And to combine those two - coming to Ösel and sing - it couldn't be any better,” he said.

After the one-hour concert, the Swedes were transported back to the harbor on 15 buses and shipped away.