VIRAL PULSE: Estonian Cave Dweller Rescued by Parental Intervention ({{commentsTotal}})

A river in Stockport.
A river in Stockport. Source: Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A bombshell from the Daily Mail about "Migrants from Eastern Europe living in squalor underground" in the north of England appears to have a happy ending in the case of one young Estonian.

The tabloid, which has been beating the drum on immigration this year, reported  that sandstone caves on the banks of Stockport's Mersey River, once used as a shelter from German air raids, now provide shelter to desperate migrants from Eastern Europe. The paper chose as its poster boy a 23-year-old Estonian identified only as "KP."

Õhtuleht and other Estonian papers reported the story. The Manchester Evening News said Sunday that the man's mother had recognized "KP" from his picture in the local papers. She told the paper that she was shocked, as she had believed everything was all right and that he was doing well. But KP, who had originally been working in the Midlands, had left his job after a disagreement with his employer. The mother wired money to help a local charity put KP up in a hotel for a few nights, and she is expected to be traveling to Britain at the weekend to "claim" her grown son.

KP appears to be one of the fortunate ones. The Daily Mail said that according to homelessness charity Wellspring, Stockport’s sandstone caves now hold up to four occupants at any one time. The local number of people needing support has more than doubled to 140 in the last three years. Some of the "cavemen" have reportedly fallen victim to arsonists and some have fallen into the river, the paper said.