This Weekend's Weather: Breezy, Somewhat Damp ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The gusty winds that arrived in Estonia on Friday afternoon are slated to continue blowing, with varying degrees of intensity, throughout the weekend, accompanied by the occasional shower.

The latest forecasts from the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute call for rain and thunderstorms to increase into this evening as southerly winds reach 25 to 45 kph, gusting to 60 kph on the mainland coasts and 70 kph on the islands. The temperature should fall to 9 to 15 C.

Daytime conditions on Saturday should be mostly dry, but the winds will continue, gradually weakening as the day goes on. Thermometer readings should be 15 to 21 C, dropping to 7 to 12 C at night.

In the early hours of Sunday, a high-pressure system should keep the skies on the dry side, but a new system moving in from the Baltic Sea is expected to bring rain clouds to the entire country. Winds during the day should be a moderate 18 to 36 kph, gusting to 50 kph in coastal areas. The mercury is expected to hit the 16-20 C zone, climbing as high as 23 in the southeast.

Monday should be wet and somewhat cooler.