Average Gross Salaries Up 5.7% in 2012 ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Freshly released figures show that average gross monthly salaries in the nation grew by 5.7 percent last year to reach 887 euros, while hourly wages grew 6 percent to 5.34 euros.

Real wages, which take into account changes in the consumer price index, increased 1.7 percent during the same period, Statistics Estonia said in a release today.

Average monthly salaries have been increasing by around 50 euros annually since 2010.

Gross salary increases were recorded in all industries last year, with the electricity and gas supply sector (11.3 percent) and construction (10.8 percent) leading the way.

Salaries increased the least in transport (1.6 percent) and storage (2.3 percent).

Pay in the public sector was slightly higher than in the private sector, with salaries at 896 and 883 euros respectively, but the private sector is out-stripping state institutions and state-owned companies in salary growth.

Forecasts rosy for employees

Kadri Seeder, head of the Salary Information Agency, said she expects the salary growth to continue, as a lack of workers has hit a number of industries.

Seeder told ERR radio today that a salary race could still be in the cards, adding that some sectors are experiencing a faster wage growth than others. As an example, she cited information technology and communications, where there is an international dimension to the business and the lack of specialists is more acute.