Parliament's All-Night Debate on New Schools Act Continues ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The opposition has dragged out Parliament's Wednesday sitting in defiance of a new version of the country's main law on schools, with the session still ongoing after 19 hours.

The Basic Schools and Upper Secondary Schools Act proposes a number of changes opposition parties do not agree with and are using the delaying tactic to postpone the law until after school starts in September.

Highlights of the filibustering saw the issue of Mali come up for discussion. The opposition grilled head of the Cultural Affairs Committee, Urmas Klaas for two and a half hours at one point before 10-minute recesses and amendments began. 

Prior to the Wednesday session, the coalition removed one of the more thorny questions, financing, promising to come back to it, when Parliament reconvenes from its summer break in mid-September.

The bill has collected 92 motions for amendments, including 49 from the Center Party, 12 from Social Democrats and 31 from the Cultural Affairs Committee.

According to, Parliament is still expected to pass the new law, before heading to its summer vacation today.