Head of the Border Guard Leaves, Daily Says Forced Move ({{commentsTotal}})

Tõnu Hunt
Tõnu Hunt Source: Photo: ERR

The top border guard official in the Police and Border Guard, Tõnu Hunt, will take up the position of counselor of internal security at Estonia's embassy in Moscow. Postimees reported that new police chief Elmar Vaher asked Hunt to leave.

Hunt, who has been in the employment of the border guard since 1991 and served as deputy director general in the field of border guard after the Police Board was merged with the Border Guard in 2010, will take up the position in Moscow in a few months. He will be tasked with representing Estonia in internal and regional matters to Russia and other CIS countries, and advise the government on matters regarding Russia, the Ministry of the Interior said in a press release on Thursday.

Postimees said today that Hunt only applied for the Moscow posting only after Vaher had been named to lead the Police and Border Guard Board in mid-April.

“The director general proposed that I apply for the position, as the border guard has the widest and longest experience in international cooperation,” Hunt told Postimees, which is speculating that Vaher is making room to create his own team.