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'Exam in progress'
'Exam in progress' Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Around 11,500 ninth-graders and 7,600 12th-graders are graduating this week. The 12th grade state exam result averages are in.

Exams in Estonia are graded from 1-100 points. There were more exams that had lower results than better results, when compared to last year.

The results worsened in biology, history, social education, Estonian, French and Russian (both as native and second) languages. The biggest drop was in biology where the average went from 61.5 to 55.7, uudised.err.ee reported.

Exam results in the English language, the German language, physics, chemistry and mathematics rose. The biggest increase was noted on English language exams - rising from 68.2 points to 72.

The results of Estonian as second language were par with last year's.

One student was caught cheating in the mathematics exam and seven in social education, Postimees wrote.