Crime Briefs: Fake Pills, Lewd Act ({{commentsTotal}})

The "goods" Source: Photo: Courtesy of Tax and Customs Board

Earlier this month, the Tax and Customs Board's anti-narcotics unit searched a Tallinn home, finding 4,800 fake sexual performance enhancement pills.

In cooperation with Europol and Hungarian police, authorities arrested a man suspected of purchasing the pills from Hungary and bringing them to Estonia, where he was thought to have sold them through various websites.

"Medications that are fake and whose quality has not been checked can have an extremely dangerous effect on one's health," said Urmet Tambre, head of the anti-narcotics unit at the Tax and Customs Board.


Last week, police arrested a man who performed a sexual act in front of two children.

The man was aged 41 and the children were both under the age of 14. The incident occurred in Lasnamäe on the same day of the arrest. Police said the suspect could be a repeat offender and asked victims of similar crimes to contact the the authorities.