More Ex-Center Party Heavyweights Cross Over to Reform Party ({{commentsTotal}})

Toomas Varek (left) and Ain Seppik
Toomas Varek (left) and Ain Seppik Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Two weeks after former Center Party MP and ex-wife of Edgar Savisaar, Vilja Savisaar-Toomast, joined the Reform Party, Ain Seppik and Toomas Varek, both ex-Center Party, made the same move.

“I took a step back from politics a few years ago, instead opting to become an expert who can help the public better understand what goes on in politics. But today's situation in Tallinn has disturbed my peace and changes are needed,” Seppik, who was the Interior Minister between 2002 and 2003, said in a Reform Party press release today.

Seppik added that he does not want the country "turning left," while Varek, who is the mayor of Rakvere, said he likes the fact that Estonia's future has an optimistic outlook, attributing it to the Reform Party.

Speaking about a progressive income tax system, a cause championed by the Center Party but deeply opposed by Seppik's new party, the former MP said it was more of a party line, adding: “Party members do not have many personal preferences. The majority forms the party's opinion.”

The pair left the Center Party in April 2012, citing frustration over their attempts to bring openness and transparency into the party leadership. Five MPs who also left the party that day have now joined forces with the Social Democrats in Parliament, but have yet to join the party.

Seppik, Varek and the MPs all plan to run in October's local elections.