Defector to Reform Party 'Anoints' Possible Ansip Successor ({{commentsTotal}})

Ain Seppik.
Ain Seppik. Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Politician Ain Seppik, who crossed  over to the Reform Party this week, has named a potential successor to Prime Minister Andrus Ansip. 

That would be Kristen Michal, who stepped down as justice minister in the only resignation in the wake of the Reform Party financing scandal. 

Michal was secretary general of the party when whistle blower Silver Meikar said he approved anonymous contributions. He was cleared in a criminal investigation but stepped down in December 2012 after months of pressure. Now he is once more taking an active role in the party, Seppik told Postimees.

"It can already be felt that he has a hand in maintaining the party and shaping its development. Kristen Michal is certainly a linchpin politician for the Reform Party. He will be prime minister yet," said Seppik. 

In other remarks, Seppik said the style of the Reform Party, led by strong "authoritative" leader, was not unlike that of the Center Party, in which he was a longstanding member until spring 2012.