Deputy Police Chief Also Open to Raising Speed Limits ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Tarmo Miilits, deputy director general of the Police and Border Guard Board, has said that he does not oppose increasing the speed limit, but good roads are a precondition.

Miilits told today that lower-speed collisions cause less damage, but no one can be expected to stand still.

Miilits' comments come after Aivo Adamson, the head of the Road Administration, earlier today said that in some places speed limits should be raised to 120 kilometers per hour, instead of the current summer limit of 110, and in winter, 110 kph could be permitted instead of 90.

The deputy police chief said that not all drivers, such as beginners and heavy truck drivers, are permitted to drive at maximum allowed speeds.

Both Adamson and Miilits are members of a government commission on traffic.

Electronic speed signs

Henn Rebane, head of the Autosõit driving school, said that roads and technical ability of vehicles are ready for higher speed limits, but not the drivers.

The distance needed for stopping a car going 120 kph is twice as long as for 90 kph, he said.

Commenting on winter speed limits, Rebane said that major roads should have electronic speed signs, so limits can change with road conditions.