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Sofi Oksanen
Sofi Oksanen Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The Nordic publisher Bazar is suing Sofi Oksanen, a Finnish writer with Estonian roots, for 1 million euros for alleged damages incurred from an unwritten novel.

In 2005, the publisher and the author had signed a contract for a book entitled “French Peach,” whch was supposed to examine sexual identities and fetishes, reported Eesti Ekspress.

Oksanen said the contract does not set a deadline and is effective till 2015, adding that she might still write the book.

In another argument, Oksanen accused Bazar of selling “pirate copies” of her novels “Stalin's Cows” and “Baby Jane” in Sweden. Oksanen said she cancelled the contract for Swedish translations after the publisher had not paid her the agreed royalties.

Oksanen is best known for her 2008 novel “Purge,” which is about Estonian 20th century history and was made into a movie, as well as for her novel “When the Doves Disappeared," published last year.