Swimmer Takes on Emajõgi ({{commentsTotal}})

Tartu Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Long distance swimming enthusiast and former pro Allan-Kris Malleus could become the first person to swim the entire length of the Emajõgi, Estonia's second longest river, after beginning the 106 km journey last night.

Malleus dove in at 16:00 from Võrtsjärv, and if all goes according to plan he will arrive at Lake Peipsi around 19:00 tonight, ETV reported.

"I arrived at the challenge after Teet Taniel and I tried out long distance swimming last year, completing a swimming tour of the northern islands. We swam 45 kilometers and during the trip I realized that long distance is something for me," Malleus said.

The 20-year-old, who works as a swimming instructor, will take short breaks every 15 minutes and stop for a longer pause once an hour.


Correction: A previous version of the story incorrectly identified the Emajõgi as the longest river, which is in fact the Võhandu.