Water Music at Palmse Hailed as Success ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

This weekend saw two large concerts performed on a stage over the pond at one of the country's nicest Baroque manors. Organizers say it could become a tradition, perhaps something along the lines of what the Leigo lake music festival now is.

Saturday's concert at Palmse manor featured the music of Tchaikovsky and Verdi performed by the National Symphony and soloists from Moscow's Helicon opera theater, and Sunday's performance saw pop stars Jaan Pehk, Jarek Kasar (aka Chalice) and Vaiko Eplik backed by the pan-Estonian Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Saturday's soloists - Karina Flores, Sergei Osovin and Maksim Perebeinos - received enthusiastic reviews.

"The Russian opera today is more European. There is no longer such a deep sound as if from inside a barrel, but a light and intelligent singing manner. For me, it was quite a big surprise. The soloists are very affable people, very engaging and charming and with lovely voices," said conductor Anu Tali, who conducted on Saturday.

Eesti Kontsert director Jüri Leiten says the weekend concerts will not be the last. Next year they will return and perhaps, he said, a Wagner festival could be held at the manor.