Town East of Tallinn Completes €22 Million Water System Overhaul ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The town of Maardu, just east of the capital, completed a 22-million-euro project to clean up drinking water and divert sewage to treatment facilities.

Before the project, sewage ended up in a creek near the city, and radionuclide levels were five times above permitted levels, the Environmental Investment Center said in a press release today.

Radionuclides are naturally radioactive atoms, found in Cambrian-Vendian layer groundwater in northern and eastern Estonia.

Maardu, population 18,000, had 50 km of new water pipes and 92 km of sewage pipes laid in the process of the overhaul.

The 22.5 million euro project was co-financed from EU funds (15.7 million euros), and by Maardu city government and Maardu Water Works (6.8 million).