Estonians Work Long Hours, Greeks Longer ({{commentsTotal}})

Working hard, or hardly working...
Working hard, or hardly working... Source: Photo: Pärnu Postimees/Scanpix

According to freshly released data from OECD, Estonians on average worked 1,889 hours last year, the sixth most of all 34 OECD member states, and third in Europe.

The list was topped by Mexico, who's workers average 2,226 hours annually, followed by Greece (2,034 hours), Chile (2,029) and Poland (1,929).

Finns work only 1,672 hours, while the Dutch (1,381) and Germans (1,397) bottom out the list.

The organization's average was measured at 1,765 hours, a figure that has decreased by 53 over the past decade.

Estonians worked 1,978 hours annually ten years ago, peaking at 2,010 in 2005.