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Source: Photo: Ahto Sooaru

The tARTuFF love film festival will take place for the eighth year in Tartu from August 5-10, with opening day boasting the largest outdoor movie watching experience in the Baltics, as the old town square is turned into a 1,500-seat venue with a 22-meter screen.

There are plenty of box-office hits, documentaries and classics in the program, as well as poetry sessions, movie-making workshops for children, and concerts held in cooperation with Tartu Music Week.

The festival will kick off with Hungarian producer György Pálfi's "Final cut: Ladies and Gentlemen," a nod to the most romantic moments of movie history, combining over 500 films.

Recent releases will include "Prince Avalanche," selected for the best director award at the Berlin Film Festival. It's an American comedy loosely based on Iceland's "Either Way.“

And the Polish drama "In The Name Of,“ also screened at the Berlin festival, will be shown with an introduction by lead actor Andrzej Chyra.

Tartu viewers will have a chance to watch "Mood Indigo“ before its official premiere. The French romantic tragicomedy was selected as the opening film of the reputable Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and features Audrey Tautou.

"Quartet“ by Dustin Hoffman and "For Love's Sake" by Takashi Miike are also in the program.

The classics will include "The Fly“ (1986) by Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg and "Saturday Night Fever“ (1977), a dance film starring John Travolta and featuring music from the Bee Gees.

The Estonian-made part of the program has the new documentary "To Breathe As One,“ which looks at Estonian choir tradition through the American perspective, and Moonika Siimetsa's witty musical "Last Romeo," deemed best student film of the year.

Documentaries include "Searching for Sugar Man," "Gainsbourg by Gainsbourg: An Intimate Self Portrait,“ and "Woodstock in Timbuktu.“

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