This Week's Weather: Showers on the Way ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: AFP/Scanpix

The wave of balmy weather that has been baking Estonia in recent days is likely to be punctuated by downpours starting from Wednesday.

Depending on which way the winds blow, there could also be a cooling trend in the cards, according to the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute.

Despite the low-pressure system moving in on Tuesday, the current warm pattern should hold and temperatures on the mainland should once again climb into the 24 to 30 C zone. On the islands, however, the front's first thunderstorms are expected to be rolling in.

Wednesday's picture is still unclear. Chances of rain will increase, but whether the heat continues depends on which direction the air flows move. If there's a change, the current warm air mass could retreat, lowering temperatures to 20 to 25 C by day and 11 to 16 C by night.

On Thursday and Friday, Estonia will be caught between zones of high and low pressure, leading to instability and a continued likelihood of downpours and thunder. Again, the heat could continue, but if the air flow moves off to the west, highs are not expected to climb above 20 to 24 C by day.