Opposition Parties Retain Lead in Monthly Popularity Poll ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

July's political party ratings remained unchanged compared to the figures for June, with the two opposition parties holding on to a slim lead over the coalition.

According to a TNS Emor poll commissioned by ERR, the Center Party is leading the popularity charts with 28 percent backing, followed closely by the Social Democrats (26 percent), and the Reform Party with 24 percent. IRL, the last of the four Parliament parties, would receive 14 percent of the votes, if general elections - scheduled for 2015 - took place today. Those figures do not include undecided voters.

A similar poll conducted a month ago showed exactly the same results.

Aivar Voog, an expert at Emor, told uudised.err.ee that the lack of volatility is due to the summer season, when people's attention is elsewhere.

The only change was a slight increase in the proportion of respondents without a preference, which grew from 44 percent in June to 46 percent this month.

Among parties not represented in Parliament, the Greens were supported by 3 percent of respondents, while the Conservative People's Party, which enjoyed the media spotlight a few month ago, dropped from 3 to 2 percent. The Independent Party and the Christian Democrats both had 1 percent.