Under Proposal, Lottery Ticket Buyers Would Be Required to Present ID ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The Finance Ministry is looking to extend the country's rules on gambling to classical lotteries, citing the popularity of the game.

An amendment to the Gambling Act, drafted by the ministry in mid-June and now gathering endorsements, would apply to all lotteries besides instant, scratch-card lotteries, according to Postimees. The latter account for only one-fifth of the lottery market.

The main purpose of requiring ID from lottery ticket buyers, according to the ministry, is to provide better protection for the some 3,000 people in the country who have voluntarily entered their names on an exclusion list. They would currently not be able to get past the door at a casino but would not be prevented from playing games involving making predictions, such as horse racing and other forms of parimutuel betting.

The bill also seeks to place a mandatory cap on an individual's losses incurred while gambling online.

Along with online casinos, international prediction markets and other betting operators have recently expanded to Estonia, with the Tax Board estimating that 21 million euros was wagered on such games last year.

Since 2009, those with gambling problems have been able to have their names added to a self-exclusion list.