Bus Drivers Sacked for Residual Alcohol ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Two intercity bus drivers have been sacked after testing positive for residual alcohol in a police check.

The men were working on the Jõgeva-Tartu route, the former being a commuter town and county seat 50 kilometers north of Tartu.

They had a blood alcohol of 0.02, which a company representative said was aftereffects from overindulgence on the previous day, a Sunday. That level is a misdemeanor, not criminal offense.

The sobriety check started at 7:00 on Monday morning and the first bus was stopped at 8:20. There were 40 passengers in the bus, which was near its final destination of Tartu. The driver, 64, "blew" a 0.02. Twenty minutes later, police stopped a second intercity bus - filled near capacity - from Jõgeva; the driver, 49, also tested positive at 0.02.