Stem Cell Research Lab to Open at Tehnopol ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

A stem cell research lab is being opened on Thursday at Tehnopol, a science park in Tallinn.

In cooperation with the Cell Therapy Cluster, the Enterprise Estonia and EU-funded lab will be used to develop high-quality cell treatment products.

"Research achievements and a breakthrough in the world are expected of Estonian researchers. The presumption of achieving an applicable breakthrough is a scientific/technical base and a lab with a clean space that meets the needs of treatment production," said cell biologist Toomas Neuman, a board member of Biolaborite OÜ and founder of MTÜ Rakuravi.

Another representative, Andrus Loog, a doctor with the Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery, called cell treatment a medical field of the future.

"As a doctor and surgeon I hope that the laboratory being opened gives a chance to create and develop innovative treatment methods in medicine throughout the world," he said.

The Cell Therapy Cluster was established in 2011 and its members include a number of universities, private companies and institutions.