New Complex to House 4 Ministries ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Courtesy of State Real Estate

State Real Estate (RKAS) has announced plans to erect a new, energy-efficient building complex on the current site of the Ministry of Finance in Tallinn and move four ministries into the facility by 2016.

“The converging of four ministries into one, modern and energy efficient complex will help the state save on maintenance costs in the future. The aim is to create a work environment that allows closer cooperation between the ministries, combining services [...],” RKAS said in a press release today.

The ministries of finance, economy, social affairs and justice are slated to move into the facility, a change that RKAS said will save the state eight million euros in energy costs over a decade by using only 100 to 120 kilowatt hours per square meter per year, half the current rate.

RKAS is now looking for a developer to finance and build the planned complex, which the state would then rent. Construction cost is estimated at between 20 and 25 million euros.

While the four ministries currently occupy over 20,000 m2 of office space, the new buildings will cover less than 15,000 m2, with many functions, like press rooms and conference rooms, to be shared.

A spokesman for RKAS told ERR News that the space now being used by the ministries is part rental property and part state owned. Plans are that the state-owned property will be sold off.