Cabinet Approves Rescue Cooperation Agreement With Russia ({{commentsTotal}})

The Estonian Cabinet
The Estonian Cabinet Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The Cabinet has approved an Estonian-Russian agreement in the area of crisis-resolution, paving the way for it to be sent to Parliament for a vote.

Such a document is essential to ensuring prompt and efficient foreign aid, a government press release said.

Russia is Estonia's only neighbor with whom there is currently no bilateral cooperation agreement for preventing and resolving emergencies such as forest fires. The agreement would also improve communication sharing in the field of rescue, as well as cooperation in research and training.

In April, in light of the thaw in Estonian-Russian border treaty negotiations, the head of the Estonian parliamentary delegation visiting Moscow, Marko Mihkelson, called for Russia to review other issues where progress has stalled.

Mihkelson listed a number of issues to be revisited: double taxation, crisis situations, diplomatic real estate, higher-education, border guard cooperation, customs procedures and other problems at migration checkpoints.

In May, the Cabinet approved a bill for an Estonian-Russian border treaty, now awaiting ratification. Negotiations on the treaty had broken down in 2005 and were re-launched last year.