Security Authorities Committee Not Capable of Detecting Spies, Says Opposition MP ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Center Party MP and member of the Parliament's Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee Aadu Must said the commission has little point, as it gathers all of its materials straight from the security organizations themselves.

"Any organization with legal rights to spy on people poses a threat that someone may abuse it. The Parliament committee's job of efficiently monitoring these organizations is an illusion, as it only handles materials given to them by these organizations. You can be sure that we can not find spies from these documents,“ Must told Delfi on Sunday.

Must said the police's criminal investigations unit Keskkriminaalpolitsei was formerly strong and could play a role in monitoring the Internal Security Service (KaPo). Teabeamet, known in English as the Information Board, also had the resources and skills for monitoring other agencies, he said.

The select committee is tasked with exercising supervision over the Internal Security Service and the Information Board.

The Internal Security Service arrested one of its former officials, Vladimir Veitman, on August 9, suspecting him of gathering classified information on behalf of a Russian intelligence service.