Stadler: Train Fire Was Isolated Incident ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

An inspection has concluded that the technical malfunction sparking a fire on a brand new Estonian passenger train on August 11 was a one-off incident that won't be repeated.

The flames, which were quickly extinguished by firefighters, were caused when a battery in the roof of the train short-circuited, reported ETV.

The Estonian operator Elektriraudtee recently acquired a fleet of 18 electric trains from Swiss manufacturer Stadler Bussnang AG, and will be leasing 20 diesel trains from the company. The manufacturer inspected the batteries of all the other electric trains as a safety precaution, saying it did not find similar technical problems.

The train in the accident, which was the very first of the new fleet that began operating in July, was put back into service yesterday.

The commuter train had caught fire at the Pääsküla station, stalling train traffic for an hour and forcing passengers to transfer onto replacement buses.