Greens in the Red, Says Oversight Committee ({{commentsTotal}})

Aleksander Laane
Aleksander Laane Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Kaarel Tarand, vice chairman of Parliament's Political Party Funding Oversight Committee, has said that the Green Party is virtually bankrupt.

“Their position is so difficult that in reality there is little chance of economic recovery,” Tarand told on Wednesday.

The commission revealed that the party's net assets are -68,000 euros.

He said the party's debt has not decreased at a sufficient rate to make one believe that they are on top of the problem.

Head of the party Aleksander Laane told that there is no danger of bankruptcy, though he acknowledged that the Greens are around 50,000 euros in debt.

“We have a large membership fee, which we are collecting. Everything that comes in goes straight to cover loans,” Laane said.

Despite its financial situation, the party has plans to participate in the upcoming local elections.

The Greens, who lost their six parliamentary seats in the 2011 general elections, showed a 3 percent public support rating in late-July polls.