Haljas Execs Found Guilty of Offering Bribe to Retailer ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Reuters/Scanpix

The wholesaler Haljas and two of its executives were found guilty of offering a bribe to the purchasing manager of one of Estonia's biggest retail chains on Friday.

Harju County Court ordered fines to a total of 28,000 euros. It was a precedent for private sector corruption cases, reported Postimees.

"The share of private sector corruption cases is several times smaller compared with the public sector, but this case is the only private sector investigation to make to court,“ said corruption crimes chief Mati Ombler.

According to the indictment, last year Haljas management member Bruno Pärn and purchasing/sales director Marina Piperal offered the retail chain's representative a bribe in return for giving up a demand for discounts on juices and for increasing the variety of and sales of juices supplied by Haljas.

The bribe, had been accepted, would have been a monthly payment tied to the sales of Haljas goods. Depending on the product, the offered rate was reportedly 0.5 to 1.0 cents per product sold.

However, the retail chain representative notified the employer, who in turn contacted the police.

The court case was closed on the grounds of protecting business secrets.