Tallinn Public Transit Bans Campaign Ads ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Scanpix/Postimees

The capital's mass transit system - seen as one linchpin of the ruling party's political momentum in Tallinn - will not allow any campaign ads ahead of the October 20 local elections, the management of operator Tallinna Linnatransport AS has decided.

Director Enno Tamm refrained from connecting the move to a specific reason, but indicated to uudised.err.ee that it was to prevent criticism.

"The previous occasions, the media has asked for explanations as to why there are election ads up on public transport. Now I have to explain why we aren't putting them up. I just don't know anymore," said Tamm.

"We've had negative feedback from customers on previous occasions. We found it is better this way," he added. "With one decisive step, there is no problem of forgetting [and leaving] some ads up on some buses after the deadline."

Political ads in public and outdoor areas are prohibited as of September 16.