1989 Memorabilia Drive Announced in Tallinn ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

Europeana, the digital library, museum and archive, has announced a drive for memorabilia and memories connected to the watershed year 1989.

The goal is to document the changes seen by the Eastern bloc countries 25 years ago, ETV reported on its nightly news.

The event is taking place on Friday and Saturday at the National Library in Tallinn. The public is asked to bring memorabilia, photographs and other items. They will be used to put together an archive "to link current and past generations."

There is also an upload link on the project's site for those unable to attend in person.

"This gives an opportunity to collect memories and digitize them using the latest means, making them available across Europe. The idea is also that people don't just talk about what they experienced but bring in objects that have some symbolic value for them," said the representative of the Estonian Europeana 1989 project, Tunne Kelam, on ETV.