Unions Push for Strike Legislation Amendments, Say Will Strike if Not Passed ({{commentsTotal}})

Peep Peterson
Peep Peterson Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Peep Peterson, the head of the country's Trade Union Confederation, has launched a battle to amend the draft Collective Labor Dispute Resolution Act initiated by the Ministry of Social Affairs. He promises strikes if the demands are not met.

Peterson, who took over in the post in February, told business daily Äripäev that three of the planks were especially important - the obligation to launch collective bargaining, sector-level collective agreements and establishing an intermediary body in fields where strikes are prohibited. He said he was not willing to compromise on these.

"I predict we will arrive at a reasonable agreement in these matters. We will present the results of the negotiations to our members and it will be up to them to decide what judgment they pass on the draft law," said Peterson, who added that trade union influence was growing in Estonia

The confederation is looking to amend 20 items in the bill. One of them is to establish a body for resolving collective labor disputes where the state conciliator's efforts have not been successful.