Saaremaa School Determined to Continue Despite 'Sophomore Slump' ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

When the school year begins next week, there will be only two 10th graders in Leisi, an island municipality with a population of 2,098.

On Tuesday, Leisi municipal council had discussed whether to open the 10th grade at all this year, and decided in favor, reported Saarte Hääl.

"Even if only for the reason that in the winter the council made the decision that the school would continue regardless of the number of children,“ said Leisi Mayor Ludvik Mõtlep, admitting that it was questionable whether such a miniscule number of students was worth it.

“The only other option was to come to an agreement with the parents, if they had agreed to, on some terms, enrolling their children somewhere else, but since they didn't want to do that, the class had to be opened,“ Mõtlep said.

Saarte Hääl wrote that the Leisi parents fear that closing the high school is akin to "signing off on a death sentence for the future of the town." If the school goes, so will the young people and small town life, they reckon.

Mõtlep said the municipality should more actively promote its school to draw new students. He said he hoped there would be more students next year since there are more ninth graders this year.

Six schools on the island of Saaremaa offer a high school education.