IT College Sides With Instructor in Mass Failing Incident ({{commentsTotal}})

Peeter Lorents
Peeter Lorents Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The IT College has decided one of its professors did not act unfairly when he failed 135 out of 144 students in a final exam at the end of the last academic year.

In June, students produced a petition demanding the firing of the instructor, Peeter Lorents, accusing him of unfair policies, bad communication skills and racism toward international students.

The school's marketing director, Marje Meenov, told on Friday that the administration, after hearing all sides of the dispute, did not agree with the students' position and will allow Lorents to continue teaching. Lorents's instruction, testing and grading methods were sound, the administration said.

Nevertheless, the institution said it would allow its students to retake the exam, and encouraged Lorents to provide a more detailed overview of the class agenda and more one-on-one contact with students. It also called on the instructor and the students to show mutual respect next year.