Biketivists to Hold Rush Hour Ride in Tallinn ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo Credit: Event organizers

Rush hour Tallinn will be teeming with bicycle riders on September 3 when activists take to the heart of a city whose logo, if it had to choose between the two, would more likely be a black German sedan than a human-powered two-wheeler.

The initiative's organizers, Tallinn Bicycle Week, founded in 2011, aim to develop bike culture where there has previously been a void. They have previously held rides under the name Tour d'ÖÖ, most recently on August 31, with some events drawing thousands of participants.

As opposed to previous events, the rush hour ride on Tuesday will not have any set route or designated leaders. Everyone who wants to join is invited to simply show up in the city center at 17:00 and ride around for two hours in the blue area shown in the map above. There is a finish line, though, as organizers plan to gather at the Olümpia hotel parking lot at 19:00.

The goal of the event, as the organizers put it, is to Copenhagenize Tallinn.

Organizers have asked cyclists to be respectful of traffic regulations. "We won't provoke others or hog the road. We are reasonable and polite,“ they said in their announcement.