Savisaar, Kofkin Will Turn to Supreme Court, Lawyer Says ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar and entrepreneur Aleksander Kofkin will lodge a complaint against the Prosecutor's Office at the Supreme Court, following rejections by both the county and district courts, a representative for the two said.

“Edgar Savisaar and Alexander Kofkin will definitely continue the process at the Supreme Court. The fact that two court levels did not satisfy the complaint does not diminish the chances at the highest court level,” Oliver Nääs, the pair's representative, a lawyer at the Lextal law firm, told Postimees today.

The pair have already knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court, which rejected the action in March saying that the matter must first be dealt by a county court, not an administrative court.

The complaint concerns the prosecutor's decision to open a criminal investigation into a loan taken by Savisaar.

Savisaar and Kofkin lodged their initial complaint at the Tallinn Administrative Court in October in an effort to "suspend the processing of personal data, to refute incorrect facts and to establish illegal disclosure" of information in the ongoing investigation into the Savisaar loan, reported Postimees in December.

Savisaar and Kofkin also asked for compensation for damage to reputation.