Politicians Holding Back on Lavish Promises, Say Experts ({{commentsTotal}})

Janek Mäggi
Janek Mäggi Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Political parties are sticking to their usual campaigns – large touched-up pictures with few expensive promises, public relations expert Janek Mäggi said.

“Figuratively speaking the choice is: do you like the face or not. The four largest parties have a similar visual language and message,” Mäggi told uudised.err.ee on Monday.

Ivo Rull, also a public relations expert, told Postimees on Monday that municipal candidates are pledging to renovate schools and fix roads – tasks that local government members must do anyway.

These are self-fulfilling promises that have already been written into budgets, Rull said, adding that ads for the upcoming elections are neither shocking nor cross any indecency lines.