This Week's Weather: No Heavy Coats Needed, Yet ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The recent, mild temperatures, by Estonian standards at least, should be holding on a few days longer, though anyone who has apples to gather this week should be prepared for rain.

Two pressure systems will be battling for control of the Estonian skies on Tuesday. The Meteorology and Hydrology Institute has predicted that the higher-pressure zone will win out, allowing through only the occasional shower here and there. Thermometer readings should once again be in the 17 to 21 C range by day, dropping to 5 to 10 C in inland areas after nightfall.

On Wednesday, a low-pressure zone approaching from the Baltic Sea could spell rain, though daytime temperatures are slated to remain as they were on Tuesday. The night will be a warmer 8 to 14 C.

Thursday's weather is likely to be a repeat of Wednesday's, though this time the low-pressure zone is coming in from the southerly direction and is weaker. Associated clouds could nevertheless decide to unload their contents onto various parts of the country. The mercury is expected to climb into a similar 18 to 21 C range during the day, then after dark drop to 6 to 14 C.  

The main body of a moist air system moving in from Central Europe should be over Estonia by Friday, but its fattest clouds are likely to bypass the country. Occasional showers are a possibility, and will likely lead into a weekend of intermittent rain. Temperatures should be 18 to 22 C.