Documentary Film Examines the Life of an Estonian Soldier ({{commentsTotal}})

A scene from the film
A scene from the film Source: Photo: Rühm Pluss Null

"Blood Type,“ a new documentary film that follows the lives of Estonian soldiers in Afghanistan, will be screened in Estonian cinemas on October 4.

The film paints a sincere portrait of the high-stress work environment and life-threatening experiences of soldiers, Katrin Maimik, a spokeswoman for the film's producers, told It features intimate confessions and the fate of man who lost his limbs and longs to return to the battlefield in spite of his physical disability.

With support from the Estonian Film Institute and the Cultural Endowment, the film is the final project of a Baltic Film and Media School master's student, Leeni Linna.

Earlier this year, the Defense Forces announced a firm date - April 2014 - for withdrawal of Estonian infantry from southern Afghanistan. The company to be deployed in Helmand province in November - Estcoy-17 - will be the last to be sent. After the pullout, support units, staff officers and Estonia's special ops unit will remain in the country.

The Estonian Defense Forces have taken part in NATO's Afghanistan operation since 2003. Nine of the nation's soldiers have died in that time. Around 130 have been wounded.