Parliament Rejects Special Commission on Gender Issues ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

A Social Democrat draft law to set up a special parliamentary commission on gender equality was rejected by Parliament today.

“While eleven years years ago the wage disparity between men and women was 22 percent, a report released this autumn puts the current figure at 28 percent,” Social Democrat MP Marianne Mikko said, adding that lower wages now mean lower pensions later in life.

“That injustice follows a woman all through her life,” Mikko said, adding that the salary gap means many children live in poverty as Estonia has the highest percentage of children with only one parent in the EU.

Echoing the concern, Center Party MP Olga Sõtnik said that women and men in Estonia share equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities only on paper, not de facto.

The measure to form a commission in Parliament, however, was voted down by a margin of 45 to 23.

The Reform Party said a commission under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Social Affairs would be a better way to address the problem.