Finland to Set Up Its Own Data X-Road, Cross-Border e-Services in the Works ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Courtesy of the Estonian Information System’s Authority

The Government of Finland recently decided to create its own data exchange layer of e-services, similar to Estonia's x-road, with tests already underway for cross-border data exchange.

“We are planning to thoroughly study the Estonian X-Road. This is not just about the source code but also understanding the organization and agreements that create the frameworks for this technology. We are also hoping to test cross-border services,” Riku Jylhänkangas, Director of the Strategic Governance of the Finnish Public Sector ICT said in a press release by the Estonian Information System's Authority on Thursday.

“We are hoping to reach the milestone of the first functioning cross-border e-services that would serve as an example for the whole of Europe. For example digital signatures or electronic tax operations that are valid in a cross-border framework would save a lot of time and money for everyone,” said Jaan Priisalu, Director General of the Estonian Information System’s Authority.

The first tests at cross-border data exchange using the X-Road solution have been conducted between the two nation's tax authorities.

The X-Road data exchange layer is a technology that allows organizing secure data exchange between the various information systems of a state.

In layman's terms, the X-Road is a invisible environment that allows the nation's various e-services databases, in both the public and private sector, to link up and operate in harmony.